Wednesday, December 11, 2002

So I walk into school this morning and all i see are couples. People going every direction around me. Holding hands walking to their classes. Making out before leaving each other to go to their classes. It was crazy! but I want that. I want that so bad. I've dated sure, but the one guy that actually goes to my school is the only one that i miss...and i see him every day with his new girlfriend. It hurts, being forgotten...especially when most of my friends have some sort of relation with him...and i dont anymore. OoOoO this stinks. I cant talk to my friends about it anymore because after almost 4 months...they're sick of it. God damnit so am I ! I dont know why I'm still hung up on him. We werent even "officially" dating...we just hung out/went out on dates for 2 months... and didnt date anyone else at the time...hmmm....I wish i could just clear some things up...i have so many things to explain and so many questions i need to ask...and i doubt i'll ever get to do either...shit...i'm alone

Tuesday, December 10, 2002

So I'm jumping on the Blogger Bandwagon. Thanks to the Sarah H (therazzberry) for the idea/title ;) Alright, well welcome to the interworkings of my twisted mind. I have a lot of shizat going on right now. People not caring, people caring too much. I'm growing apart from friends and I don't feel bad about it; I'd just rather go with the flow then try to save something that, lately, isn't worth saving. Maybe she's maturing and I'm not...maybe it's the other way around. Oh's as though I'm too busy with life to worry about friend drama....I'm gonna be one of those mean old ladies thatsits on her porch yells at kids playing outside arent I? Too busy to keep friendships...too sarcastic and cynical to start them. I wish people could just magically understand me...I don't feel like making everyone happy...done that shit too long. Welcome, my name's Katie and I'm incredibly selfish. This blog will be filled with my complaining about superficial shit and then arguing both sides...have fun! I have severe mood swings, just pray that you catch me at a good's not good...but it's EAT THAT!!